Proven Strategies to Increase Your Shopify Earnings

Proven Strategies to Increase Your Shopify Earnings

Everyone wants to know how they can increase their Shopify revenue. Obviously, it’s the aim of the game. Here’s a few levers you can pull to increase your Shopify Revenue:

Conversion Rate

Increase your conversion rate. Chances are, you haven’t optimised your customer journey yet. Get out of your business bubble and step into your customers’ shoes. Better yet, send your site to mates who aren’t that clued up on your business, and ask them for their opinion. The objective is to make it as easy as humanly possible to purchase what they want, as quickly as they can.

Increase your Average Order Value (AOV)

With apps like Shopify Search & Discovery App, you can bundle together products that make sense together - think nappies and baby wipes or coffee and mugs. The idea is to upsell without the hard sell, offering complementary products that your customers will find genuinely useful.

Email Marketing

Use a platform like Klaviyo to create high-performing email flows that capture customers who added to cart but didn’t convert, or welcome flows to coax first-time customers into completing their purchase. From welcome flows to abandoned cart reminders, the power of email marketing is a game-changer for increasing your Shopify revenue.

Increase your Returning Customer Rate (RCR)

Last but not least, this is one of the most important metrics in your Shopify Analytics dashboard. When you’re paying for PPC advertising, every new customer has a cost associated - this is your Cost per Acquisition (CPA). The higher your returning customer rate, the lower your effective CPA becomes. You can improve this using reward systems, email marketing, social media marketing, and just providing a great customer experience. Squeeze more out of every dollar you’re paying for new customer acquisition by turning them into a repeat customer.

Increasing your Shopify Revenue isn’t rocket science, but it does require a strategic approach. By focusing on these key areas, you’re building a sustainable, scalable business with multiple marketing pillars generating revenue.

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